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How well do you know your local brands?

Welcome to Jenama – where beloved “Made in Malaysia” names embark on the digital arena. Jenama, a social enterprise is all committed in helping our local brands to extend their recognition nationwide. Here, traditional meets contemporary on a unique e-commerce platform providing a nationwide recognition for Malaysian brands. In the emerging field of e-commerce, Jenama assists traditional brands to secure their marketplace by integrating marketing, e-commerce, and back-office technologies. Jenama is the only e-commerce platform which prioritizes digital branding. Due to digitalisation, traditional corporate communication channels are losing its credibility. Traditional brands faced hardships as drastic changes in consumer buying patterns and expectations. Jenama is a path to success for those young aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to venture in the business field with full passion and ambitions. While prioritizing digital branding, Jenama is also promoting and advertising their brands to the targeted potential audiences. Come and explore a wide range of the best local products in Malaysia. Embark on a mouthwatering, gastronomic journey across one of the most acclaimed food paradises in Southeast Asia from the comfort of your own home. With Jenama, your favourite traditional delicacies from famed foodie destinations like Ipoh, Malacca, and Penang are just a click away. Just order online and have them delivered right to your doorstep! Let us help to satisfy your cravings today!

Cahaya Keikhlasan Campaign

Giving is a form of love and happiness. On this joyous festival, Jenama has turned its attention to the less fortunate. Considering the abandoned children, many people develop deep sorrow, but eventually drive to the conclusion that there is no much of help that can be channelled. In another perspective, most of them are also concerned that their donations to charity may be reduced by organisation administrative costs, preventing the full amount from reaching the needy people. Hence, Jenama intends to deliver some blessings to orphans in Penang through our charity campaign, Cahaya Keikhlasan without any profits from the sales! Members of the society are welcomed to purchase products through to be donated to the orphanage. Jenama will undertake the shipping cost and send the donations to an orphanage home in Penang . Every donation means a lot to our beneficiaries and your contributions will be much appreciated. How to lend your helping hands towards the less fortunate? Head to Cahaya Keikhlasan charity campaign page and purchase the products. Jenama will deliver the products to the orphanage home. You are also free from any shipping charges! Let’s spread our love to the kids.

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