Ho Yan Hor 3 Herbal Tea + 3 Gold Tea Combo Pack

Product Summary
  • Pack Contains 3 Herbal Tea + 3 Gold Tea Combo.
  • Natural. No preservative. No artificial coloring
  • Net weight of 50g each box.


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Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea

Ho Yan Hor Herbal tea was first invented in year 1941, in a tin mining town, Ipoh and is fondly remembered by many as a medicine brewed by loving parents for their children when they are sick, often followed by a wrap up in a comfortable blanket to rest. Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea is used to help relieve body heatiness and common cold as well as promote self-healing.

Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea

Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea comes with a concoction of 29 Traditional Medicinal herbs with Premium Pur Erh tea base. As a natural herbal remedy to help relief from body heatiness, throat discomforts, sore throat, dry mouth and feeling of unwell. Added with the health benefits of Pur Erh tea.  Aid in natural healing and improve body’s defense system. 

Recommended usage:

  • Drink up a hot cup of hot Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea at the first sign of common cold for a safe and natural healing.
  • Drink a cup of Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea whenever there are signs of body heatiness and early signs of cold and flu or after taking heaty foods.

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