Sin Teo Hiang

Traditional Handmade Biscuits

Craving for some yummy comforting biscuits or sweet treats in the summer? How about some traditional biscuits that will make you yearn for more? Hailed from Bukit Mertajam, Sin Teo Hiang will offer you a vast assortment of homemade traditional biscuits to fill your hungry tummy. These premium biscuits and candies will satisfy your taste buds with the most heavenly taste of each product made from scratch since 1962. Get ready to be spoilt for choice when you explore the amazing collection of biscuits and candies from Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese wedding biscuits, Penang Tau Sar Piah, groundnut bar and black sesame candy. 

Sin Teo Hiang products will definitely allow you to celebrate every moment of blissfulness and deliciousness for each bite you’d take as these biscuits and candies are made fresh with the same great quality! At current, the second-generation family business has been actively running its business to provide a fusion of great quality products at an affordable price!  

No doubt, once you’ve tried Sin Teo Hiang’s signature biscuits; you would then find the definition of ‘irresistible’ in these foods!

Satisfy all your hunger pangs today!  

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