Anika Ginger Tea

Homemade Ginger Tea

Ready to start your day with a cuppa refreshing ginger tea? Loaded with the finest selection of “Bentong Ginger” from Bukit Tinggi, Anika Ginger Tea is power-packed with incredibly amazing health benefits that include energy boosting properties, rich in antioxidants with immune boosting effects as well as its ability to stimulate metabolism. Well-known for its tremendously medicinal effects on humans body, ginger tea is often regarded as one of the healthiest spices around the world.

In fact, Anika Ginger Tea is based on the best homemade recipe passed down from generation to generation are proven for its nutritional values, definitely a suitable choice for people all over the globe! You will be amazed by what Anika Ginger Tea has to offer! The business started flourishing upon the promising startup five years ago, delivering premium taste of ginger tea at affordable prices.

Today, Anika Ginger Tea comes with three great yet cooling flavours to meet the growing demand for organic and natural beverages – original ginger tea, lemon ginger tea and lemongrass ginger tea. Can’t get enough of these flavours? Anika Ginger Tea has more for you; introducing two series – the Brown Sugar and the Organic Cane Sugar are made available for you to choose!

Amazed with its benefits yet? Purchase Anika Ginger Tea today to witness some lifestyle changes and you may thank us later!

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