Ho Yan Hor Tea


The history of Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea dates back to the 1940s when the secret formulation was born. Its founder, Dr. Ho Kai Cheong, was a Chinese medical practitioner who graduated from Canton Wah Lam National Physicians Medical School. At age 35, Dr. Ho formulated a unique concoction of 23 specially chosen herbs and created Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea with the primary intention of helping others.

The herbal tea is effective in relieving body heat and curing the common cold. In fact, post World War II, it became a popular alternative to western medicine because of its ability to provide speedy relief from the common cold. In 1957, when the Flu Epidemic killed millions of people worldwide, people gained confidence in Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea, which became the most sought after household brand.

In the 1980s, Mr. David Ho Sue San, Dr. Ho’s eldest son who inherited the business as a pharmacist, took the leap to modernise the manufacturing process of the famous herbal tea. This brought Ho Yan Hor into a new chapter.

Today, the manufacturing plant is GMP-certified, ensuring the production of high quality herbal tea. With passion and innovation, Mr. David Ho has also successfully developed Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea and Ho Yan Hor Night Tea for new generations to enjoy.


何人可凉茶的创办人,何继昌博士是一名中医师毕业于香港广东华南国医学院。 35 岁时的何继昌博士怀抱着帮助人的理念研发了何人可凉茶。 何人可凉茶以自然痊愈的功效助清热以治感冒。




在何树生先生的领导下何人可凉茶进入了一个新時代。何人可凉茶制造厂现今拥有GMP生产规范认证, 保证生产高品质的凉茶。何树生先生也传承了父亲创新与研发的思想,研制了何人可金茶和何人可晚安凉茶。

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