Bee Coffee

Established in 1948, Bee Coffee is a leading coffee brand in Malaysia. Thanks to its special coffee roasting technique which results in a deliciously heightened aroma, the brand has grown to become a renowned name both locally and internationally. In fact, Bee Coffee has become an unofficial benchmark, particularly when it comes to Malaysia’s ubiquitous and much beloved “kopi-o” drink. Today, the coffee is enjoyed by many people the world over.

The company’s current Chief Executive Officer is responsible for introducing the “coffee filter” method of packing coffee powder in Malaysia, which indirectly brought about the revival of the then declining coffee industry. Consequently, the Bee Coffee brand is often fondly known as the pioneer of “instant coffee in a sachet” in the country. Presently, Bee Coffee has a selection of sachet coffee, including 2-in-1 “kopi-o” (black coffee), 3-in-1 cappuccino and 3-in-1 milk coffee, offering a convenient way for coffee aficionados to enjoy their favourite brew at any time.

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