The story of the award-winning Hazra Jaya range of condiments began in 1994 with homemade chilli-based products. Nor Hathmina Ibrahim had very little knowledge of running a business when she started, but the enterprising lady actively sought out ways to improve on her products and make them more market-friendly, including learning more about processing and packaging methods, and getting the brand halal-certified.

With positive response from the public, she proceeded to expand her range of products to include other sauce varieties. Her sauces continue to be well-received, and recently the Hazra Jaya samba tumis paste was awarded third place at the national-level Satu Daerah Satu Industri (SDSI) due to its unique aromatic fragrance. The Hazra Jaya brand proclaims that “Siapa-siapa saja boleh jadi chef” (Anybody can become a chef), and with these ready-mix sauces, cooking your favourite dishes is, indeed, a breeze.

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