Anika Lemon and Red Dates Ginger Tea [Organic Cane Sugar]

Product Summary
  • Pack of 2 bottles.
  • Made with organic cane sugar.
  • Net Weight of 300grams for each bottle.


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Anika Ginger

A traditional herbal drink, fully extracted from fresh native ginger is 100% original, less sugar without preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavouring!

How to consume:

Add one (1) tablespoon of Anika Ginger Tea into a 150ml-200ml of warm water.

The advantages:

• Relieves nausea and stress

• Reduces respiratory problems, menstrual cramps, cholesterol and body weight

• Prevents migraine, arthritis, motion sickness, blood clots and Alzheimer’s disease

• Boosts of immune system

• Builds appetite, keep bad breath away and many more!

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