Sin Teo Hiang Combo 1 [2 Tambun Biscuit + 1 Walnut Biscuit + 1 Square Biscuit]

Product Summary
  • 2 boxes of Tambun Biscuit
  • 1 box of Walnut Biscuit
  • 1 box of Square Biscuit


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The Tambun biscuit can trace its roots back to World War II. During that time, a biscuit maker from Tambun, desperate to earn more income, customised the original red bean biscuit into a smaller size, and these became known as Tambun biscuits. As the popularity of these biscuits increased, other biscuit makers soon jumped on the bandwagon and created variations of it. Today, Tambun biscuits are easily accessible in Penang and are regarded as a must-try food for those visiting the place.


An Ovo Vegetarian Traditional Handmade Biscuits product that is made by Sin Teo Hiang, a second generation family business hailing from Bukit Mertajam ,Penang. Made with walnut and contains 8 pieces in each box. The product has a expiry date of 4 months.


A representation of a blissful life and close relationships, the sesame biscuit is a favourite local treat among the Chao Shan community. The main ingredients of this delicacy consist of sesame, sugar and nuts.

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