The popular Thaqif flour was founded in 2006 by a couple, Zarina Bt Mansho and Azman Bin Alias, who started off selling homemade all-purpose flour to their neighbours using a recipe passed down from Azman’s mother to their neighbours. They named their product Thaqif after their beloved son. The Thaqif All-purpose Flour received favourable feedback and the business soon flourished.

Spurred by the positive growth, the couple decided to take the opportunity to develop their business further and began to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that they have the proper packaging to retain product freshness and prolong shelf life. This led to its establishment as an enterprise in 2013. As consumer demands continued to increase, the couple then diversified their product range to include other types of flour, including spicy all-purpose flour, deep-frying flour for banana fritters and multi-purpose fritter flour. Today, Thaqif has grown to become a household name in many pantries.

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